Two and a half months after moving in, I now feel that at last I can finally emerge in the sunshine of the North Yorkshire Dales or sit quietly at my computer in my rather wonderful “new” office. We moved in here in mid-January to a house with no heating system, water pipes that froze whenever the temperature dipped and SO MUCH rubbish strewn amongst cobweb engulfed rooms … it’s been a busy couple of months. To be fair to the previous owner concerning his rubbish, he took us at our word when we had said “leave what you don’t want to take.” That he did!

We’ve been busy overseeing the groundworks required to supply a new water system, the installation of a biomass boiler in an outhouse and all the associated heating system within our cottage. It’s all kept both my wife and I “off the streets”… or it would have, had there been any streets amongst all the fields, moors and woodland.

Like most of us I have always felt my home is my private place in which to relax. Those of you who know me well will know that I’m not a great one for going out. Like most people I did a lot more of that going out stuff when younger. In the eighties, living in London my going out was usually accompanied by copious amounts of alchohol. Only late in that period of my life did I realise I was using the drink to get me out there amongst the pubs and far more infrequently, the clubs of London’s West End. I found it a strange city, an unfriendly place, ironically I felt it was full of alcoholics, or at least people who were unpleasantly drunk. Of course, to anyone but me, I was one of those unpleasant drunks.

I’m pretty sure that I came quite close to being an alcoholic back then in my days of depression. Today I find I have no judgement whatsoever for anybody that is caught by the insidious deceitful grip of alcoholism. Like all addictions it arrives with a quiet calmness offering a sweet smile and a beguiling promise of assistance that many find all too intoxicating.

These days healers and therapists working in the wellness arena are just as likely to encounter many other sorts of drug addiction affecting their patients and clients as well as the demon drink. It’s an odd expression, don’t you think, “demon drink”? It captures the essence of the way that alcohol can change the character of a person. But few of us might consider the phrase applicable to the existence of actual demons as semi-sentient entities. And yet it seems they are “out there” …or should that read, “in here”?

I have two types of clients. Everybody comes to me searching for their peace in one form or another. Mostly they are all searching to find themselves and maybe to make sense of where they perceive they may have made mistakes in their lives. Many people come for personal development work, to enhance their intuitive connection to their lives in order to find their elusive peace. Others announce themselves to me very differently and are starting their search from a far more critical place. Occasionally for some our first conversation is literally holding their life in the balance. Let’s not be over-dramatic, that hasn’t happened often. My way of working with somebody is practical and grounded. I rely upon intuitive common sense and guided inspiration from The Management upstairs. Separate from each client I connect to the healing influence of The Management to aid each person’s recovery and stabilise personal circumstances. It’s all very non-mainstream, whacky and usually incomprehensible to many …except those who need the help.

With each passing year I find myself immersed deeper into the strangeness of inter-dimensional therapy for people who are quite often hanging on the very edge of their emotions supported and trusting in their last fragile hope. The more I see these sort of people the more I can see how ‘demons’ may exist and how they feed in bouts of indulgence that wreak havoc on the host’s energy field. Often these feeding bouts stir up trauma until they become sated and bloated and having fed sufficiently the unspecified demons leave again, perhaps to circle until  the next feasting. It’s not a pleasant process. But those with attached detrimental vampire-like aspects such as these can be helped. It might surprise you but I don’t have a magic wand, or indeed a wooden stick. Holy water? Well, maybe. I help these people with good old fashioned talking therapy along with much help from The Management and the angelic guides who will answer any and all focused well-set intent, if we are humble enough to ask. That’s my version of holy water and in many senses the process would be called prayer.

Make no mistake I am not speaking of this stuff lightly. I don’t mock the situation or underestimate the power of words and focused intention to effect a change. And in some ways we can look at these energy sucking entities as any thought we may have which reflects ourselves derogatorily. There, the demon concept is perhaps not so alarming put in those words.

We all fall foul of these self-doubts from time to time, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be human. An addict listening to their negative thoughts however, is in a more precarious place than what we like to refer to as “the well-balanced”. Addiction is a vulnerability and it allows in the darkness with a far more voracious appetite and an immense thirst for chaos. But in the true fairy book way, love conquers all and in accessing the dimension of these mind sucking parasites one can also effect a spring-clean and wipe away the affliction with some degree of success. This is not to say that any healing of such parasites is a miraculous “flick of a switch”. If one has been suffering for some years then the cure will also take a considerable amount of time and effort to come to fruition. But it will be achieved and progress can be witnessed by each individual as the process takes hold.

I look forward to sharing a philosophy and attitude to wellness that can help us all find a peace in our bizarre and stressful worlds. The trilogy of Earth, human and spirit has much to offer even for the asleep traveller. Aspects of Mother Nature hold part of the key, but we have to slow to a pace where we can allow her moss to gather before we can fully benefit from what she has to say. For some decades now we have been living in what science refers to as The Anthropocene Age, where the biggest influence on earth is the human species. Looked at collectively the picture for the future isn’t great, we seem to be heading down a very short one-way street. But contrary to what many currently believe, we DO have the answers to global and individual freedom. No matter how dark we see our future and how painful we feel our present  we all have the potential to flourish and blossom into what we wish we could be… The power of that is in the simple but seemingly cryptic message that “the world is not what it seems”.

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This is what attendees of my first workshop held in March had to say:

I found your ‘Improving Your Intuition’ weekend extremely interesting, especially with what I experienced when holding your drawing board, I have certainly not experienced anything like it before. I felt slightly detached or outside myself when making and feeling the observations but the feelings and symptoms were very real, and it felt quite natural and I was not worried about it. …thank you very much for your teaching!” John

Just wanted to say thank you for a really interesting and progressive weekend for me. Meeting like-minded people really helps with my way forward and I feel it has made a difference. Having confirmations as we do these things always helps build confidence in this etheric world and provides a form of evidence which always really helps. The hospitality and food was also lovely!” Paul

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