Being true to ourselves is one of the mainstays of traditional personal self-development work and it’s something that I always thought was really very easy to do… and then recently I realised why I thought it was easy – because I haven’t been doing it in all aspects of my daily life for decades! In fact it suddenly seemed the more I looked at different aspects of my life and asked myself what do I really feel about this, the more I realised I was doing many things because they were what people expected, or I thought they were the ‘proper’ ways to behave, or they were simply ways of doing things out of habit. Bottom-line: I wasn’t being true to myself and to my inner feelings at all!

That was quite a shock.

When I write something like that about myself I am obviously expecting you to understand what I mean and to also look at your life and ponder on whether you are doing things out of habit or because that is what you believe people will expect you to do them like you do? Just maybe those expectations have been picked up through your life from influential people such as your parents or your grandparents? If so, I am not suggesting you completely change your life and all your beliefs but do look at each area of your life and question why you do things the way you do. If don’t feel completely happy with what you are doing anymore then what I do suggest is perhaps taking a small step to moving that thing towards a feeling of happiness so you are truly resonating with it from your heart.

There is a lot of change going on now in the universe and in humanity. Many, many people are experiencing things that they are no longer comfortable with. It is echoed on a global scale too and in extremes of action that are simply depressing and potentially frightening. However, remain positive, consider only those things that you experience directly each day through your five senses, not through the media, just those contacts you have on a daily basis from all those people you interact with directly, face to face or voice to ear, or fingers to text.

Look at those relationships and what they might be teaching you or showing you of your inner self and if you choose to take action then change something about them for the better.

That other great self-development ‘backstop’ is the saying that if we take small steps to change then one day we will be able to look back and see how far we have come. No need to look back today, but perhaps take another small step forward instead. Go on… for your own sake step closer to being in alignment with your heart.