Geomancy originally referred to a form of divination by reading the way the land sits in a particular landscape or of reading the marks made by tossing sand, soil or pebbles on to suitable natural surface.

These days however, a geomancer is more likely to be somebody who works on your home or place of work in order to effect a change to improve your health and wellness. That’s modern geomancy.

That’s what I do for clients and I’ve been doing it long enough now to get really excited when a floorplan chimes my email’s inbox or clatters the letter box. I get excited because I’m usually so gobsmacked by how wonderfully a person’s life and situation can be seen laid out in the energy flow of their home. I mean that symbolically of course.  Mostly I find The Management upstairs guides me through the layers of geomancy showing detrimental detritus symbolically. On the page it’s represented by all manner of subtle energy issues which together combine to hold back a person with their unwanted baggage. Even if the issue is ostensibly one of the land on which the house is built there is usually an echo of the condition within the person themselves too; it’s like an involuntary ownership if the issue.

Effective Geomancy

Effective geomancy guideance doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes I have get readings way off, which is always slightly embarrassing, but I’ve long-since learned that these people are simply not those that I am to work with. For most people I can hit a success rate of around 85% which I’m really chuffed with. Recently I had a floorplan sent through from a family I had been working with and the pattern of earth energy flows through the house echoed exactly the problem found in the dynamic of the family as there was a massive dividing line that cut the house in two. It’s not uncommon when working with families, once the Management re-balance such lines that the harmony returns to the family almost immediately.

So, these marks I make on a floorplan as I plot detrimental earth energy flows in a home or office, are they real?

I certainly believe them to be real, but whether another geomancer would find the exact same lines and other issues within a property, I really don’t know. Does that mean it’s not real? I know that when I have worked on people who are very aware of their own energy that their floorplans yield very different results to those who are not. So there is a commonality in the energetic imprint: their clearing work is detectable, so I assume mine must be too. There is in this sense, a form of objectivity in the work, and maybe, just maybe, that might make it real in the acceptable sense.

Personally the word “real” is one that I try to avoid as much as I can these days. “Real” is largely a subjective term that we may find useful to employ if we believe something is significant to us. Everything that shows up in our realities, is real to us. And this is why our beliefs are so important as it is our beliefs that allow our conscious minds to experience what information it chooses to select from the millions of signals bombarding the subconscious all the time.

Geomancy For Spiritually Clearing Houses

I was chatting to a stranger the other day and he asked what I did for a living. I explained I was a life coach, (it’s a lot easier than saying geomancer) but then I mischievously added that I also spiritually cleared houses. Every time I say that to people I expect a look of disbelief to spread across their faces as they turn and walk away from this nutter they have just met. But I am constantly surprised at just how receptive most people are to the metaphysical or spiritual aspects of life. I’m also constantly surprised at how often these very same strangers will relay an incident or metaphysical happening that occurred to them, sometimes decades earlier, that they have previously held secret for fear of being thought insane.

Somehow I seem to bring out the friendly nutter in everybody.

Bottom line is, we all sometimes wonder, “What’s it all about?” Especially when we hit a crisis in which perhaps we lose a loved one. No matter how close to death they may have been for however long it’s always a profound loss. Sometimes our souls simply ache from the sadness of that loss and nothing will fill the hole they leave. We know deep down that those that have passed are OK, but often that still doesn’t help the grief …and that is natural.

We know that death is a part of the process of soul evolution, but the method of developing souls here on earth in this aspect of the universal multidimensionality is so convincingly complete and effective that we simply forget the joy the deceased seem to experience. So when we lose somebody it hurts like (hell).

We are here on earth, in this dimension, to enjoy ourselves. But oh my goodness how hard we work at making sure we don’t enjoy things! That’s humanity for you: make things as difficult for ourselves as we possibly can and then wonder why life seems unfair and unpleasant. We’re really good at it as a collective species too.

Everyday Geomancy

2016 is an ideal opportunity to change the way you see your life. Even if you are facing the prospect of losing loved ones through illness and even though they may be slipping away into an unrecognizable person through dementia, know for sure that once they decide to move on to be with the angels, that their soul will be there to great you when it is your turn to return home to the dimensions from which we were created.

It seems these days comparatively easy for increasing numbers of people to talk of their metaphysical and spiritual experiences to complete strangers like myself and I think that is in a large part due to the internet where it is apparent there are very many people experiencing similar aspects of life, so people feel less intimidated than perhaps they used to.

The subtle energy realms are an aspect of living that one can encounter either intentionally or unintentionally. If it is an intentional exploration then care has to be taken not to descend or experience things too quickly or without staying grounded. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by some of the significant aspects of the subtle realms.

But with care and with considered progress it can all open up to us, if the Management wish it to be so. These days it seems completely possible for most people to experience this different way of relating to “all that is” without with the need for massive experiential “wows” created from hallucinogenics or other substances. Perhaps it’s due to the amount of people who have now done so…Focused mindful observation will in time allow all aspects of the subtle realms to come to those who want them to. Its then up to you to decide what’s real or not and to follow the path you wish to follow. As the ultimate architects of life, The Management won’t allow you to get in to that stage if it isn’t “right”.  Tread carefully on the path and all will be well, really.

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