Geomancy is an ancient way to divine the future using the lay of the land, but modern geomancers use it as a label to describe what they do when working with the subtle energies of the earth and of the mind to influence places for the wellness of the occupants.

As some of you will know I am a regular subscriber to “New Scientist” magazine. I find it fascinating and a revealing way to learn about new thinking in many areas of science today.

“But…” I hear you cry, “You are not a scientist! You are a creative fluffy thing, not able to hold an objective thought for longer than the fleeting swing of a bat’s wing in the darkness of a Summer’s barn!” Ok…  well I admit not many people actually talk like that, but you get what I mean.

Science is only a label for a way of thinking and looking at the world. “Only” in that sentence could be contentious as science is a necessity in order to make progress. Science is built upon provable theories one after the other built with a great deal of patience and often pain to ensure that nobody is “wrong” and that objective viewpoints, for the good of all, are maintained.

That’s why science is in trouble.

Science today has had to follow the subjective nature of Quantum Physics and that has led to many within the field advocating the multi-universe theory and multi-reality theories. The saying “this is true in my world” is a phrase that wouldn’t have been heard as often as it is today just a few decades ago. Indeed, in my world it wasn’t heard at all. Now it is everywhere.

The reason science is in trouble is that it is built upon theories initially projected as plausible and possible. In quantum science there is so much that is not understood that predictions are based less and less on real-world proof. Theoretical Quantum physics is just that. There is no real world evidence on which to base the proof that some theories are right or wrong. Here science veers dangerously close to being subjective.

Hooray, I say, but then as I stated earlier, I am not a scientist. I am a fluffy thing … er you get the point.

So why do I point this out now? Well, take a look at the picture above. What do you see? Do you just see the stone with its thousands of years of erosion, or do you see the hunch-backed figure looking away from us with his large head furrowed with a frown? Perhaps he is still a little camera shy after millennia of standing in the public gaze.

Our subjective viewpoint is utterly unique to each of us. It is that which gives us our characters. It is that which determines how we respond to everything around us and when exploring the subtle realms it is the subjective experience that enriches our lives. That is not to say those subjective inner private worlds cannot be shared. It is in that sharing where the magic occurs.

Magic can occur in the sharing of inner information and it is this that occurs when geomancers use their subjective connections to the greater and wider energies of the cosmos to effect a healing on a property and person. Science would say it is the placebo effect. Placebos work when the patient knows there is healing happening. The effects of geomancy can be witnessed even by those who do not know anything is occurring. The work simply effects a change, sometimes its very subtle but its usually significant. That, currently with our modern scientific viewpoint, is magic.

This is why I put so much faith in the need for an individual who is pursuing a course of self-development or spiritual exploration to start to watch and observe what comes to them directly from the world around them. This is the first step to being in control of their own learning. This is crucial. To my mind, this is the subjective nature of Nature. 


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