Geomancy is something I’ve been writing about in these newsletters for a few weeks now. Clients often talk about how much calmer their homes feel once the completed process has been done for them and how much more like home they say their house feels. Often a full re-balancing helps calm teenage angst too.

For many home owners it can also assist with enabling them to relax. Typically, a symptom of a house affected by geopathic stress is the poor night’s sleep it affords the residents. Sometimes that can be really tough, especially if they are already suffering from a debilitating illness which is already draining them of energy.

Along with the shocking feeling that time is simply racing past us all, it seems undue tiredness is a dominating issue for many relatively healthy folk these days.

There are many debilitating illnesses like glandular fever which will strip away any and virtually all surplus energy from the body. I remember having glandular fever when I was at University. As it was developing, although I didn’t feel too bad “in myself” I remember sitting in the photographic studio in a state of exhaustion not being able to fathom out how on earth I was going to get back to where I was living even though it was just a couple of miles away. The thought of the walk that I usually did with ease seemed like a colossal expedition that would require teams of Sherpas and all sorts of support vehicles!

Of course it’s no laughing matter, as any of you who may have been affected by glandular fever, fibromyalgia, or other such exhaustion driven illnesses will testify.  In later weeks the idea of considering that journey in those terms would have lost its sparkle as I began my several months of bed-rest.

When you are affected by something like this all you want to do is sleep. And yet, ironically sleep often seems non-restorative.  If I had known then what I know now about Personal Subtle Energy Management and the way it can fit in with Geomancy I may have been able to speed up my recovery.

A process of clearing a house using a structured Geomancy framework can create a safe and nourishing atmosphere of peace where previously there was often sadness, chaos and disharmony. This kind of background peace assists in rehabilitation and recovery.

Extreme tiredness affects many people and increasingly these days the insidious pressures of work add to our exhaustion. These pressures creep up on us and catch us out. Keeping the work-life balance on an even keel can be difficult to achieve even for the healthiest individuals.

You might be reading this and be one of those people who feels completely unable to achieve anything in your life apart from work because that in itself demands all your attention during the week.

Many middle-managers or team leaders find they are so busy battling pressures to perform, fighting to reach targets, to achieve results, to cut costs, to manage people, to communicate carefully, that they have little energy left to enjoy their private lives, develop caring relationships or spend time with their young families. If this is you, then you probably also have to work late most nights or finish work at home just to stay ahead and on the ball.

Even time-saving technology causes battles. Rather than obligingly walking alongside and helping out, technology often just adds to our stresses.

This is the middle ground that many adults put up with, unaware their worlds could be different and calmer.

Geomancy and background detrimental energy

We know that in spiritual terms we are all connected and we are connected to everything around us. Geomancy is like a health check on an aspect of us that isn’t usually paid much attention.

Those of you who practice Feng Shui will know how changing our environment with intent can change the way we feel and therefore what we create in our lives. Geomancy is like a very deep acting Feng Shui. It analyses and clears blockages often those we didn’t consciously know were there. It allows us to breathe freer, to feel more at peace and to feel more energised.

For somebody getting over a debilitating energy draining illness like glandular fever or if a person has a tendency to be excessively weary it could help them put a spring back in their step.

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