“Geopathic stress” is one of those expressions I thought didn’t really concern me years ago when I first heard it. Mind you, I should have known better as it was uttered by the three “old ladies” who visited our house to diagnose the strange things that were happening there. So why didn’t I pay more attention to that label?

The words fell on deaf ears. It can easily happen. We hear a new phrase and instead of being stirred to find out more about it, we ignore it and latch on to something else in the conversation. I have to say in my defence a few sentences later my wife and I were introduced to the resident spirit of the lady we came to know simply as ‘Jane’. At the time, the idea of having a dead person living closely with us was more intriguing than a word with which I wasn’t at all familiar.

Now I use it more and more. It seems natural to refer to the plethora of detrimental aspects of environmental influence that can create unease, disharmony or even illness in a house or place of work by this term. I still find it rather ‘clunky’ though and insufficient to describe the importance of earth energy as a concept and an aspect of Life (yes, with a capital ‘L’).

Geopathic Stress and water

Geopathic stress is often attributed to those points under a house where a water course will cross an earth energy line. True enough if these two bedfellows choose to turn detrimental then they can be an unpleasant mix to deal with, but Geopathic Stress really encompasses the whole gamut of detrimental features of our outer world experienced uniquely by each of us through our inner experience of the world around us. What I mean is that everybody experiences geopathic stress issues differently. What one person may be susceptible to, others aren’t.

Geopathic stress can often remove the joy completely from a person who is susceptible to the detrimental draining effects. Worse even, occasionally a person’s whole life can be cast into a type of depression. Geopathic stress can add to a person’s inability to focus on the future and their confidence in knowing how to get through life, is compromised. The effects can be insidious and sometimes ultimately life destroying.

Geopathic Stress and our minds

I was recently asked to clear a house in which one of the owners had committed suicide. Life had been getting darker with depression for her for years. It finally got too much and she made the biggest decision of her life: to end it. This was an extreme instance where the earth energy and the lady had been almost inextricably linked. The mind and the energy of the space caught together, trapped, neither could get free. The image above shows the central detrimental vortex in the house when I first accessed the energy of the space. The green line to the left of the spiral is what was at one time a perfectly healthy line but now as shown in this image it has been caught by the detrimental aspects of the spiral and bent completely from its “proper” path. The energy of the deceased lady was entwined in this when I first encountered her. But she was moved on with compassion and grace enabled by The Management to be free once again.

This example illustrates to me very clearly how our minds thoughts and emotions emanate from us and influence the surroundings in which we live at a very fundamental level. This is the realm of subtle energies where our thoughts are gathered and harvested by the ether. This is ultimately a part of the process of manifestation that Abraham talks of through channel Esther Hicks. In this image and situation we can witness mind mixing matter in action.

Earth energy plays a big part in the interplay between humanity and our earth mother. In communicating with this particular spirit to assist her from her earth-bound fate in death The Management cleared her of the chains and she was released to move on. The spiral relaxed and its grip, its energy dissipated. The energy line now runs freely like most lines, gently and happily, on its way clear of the spiral which in turn now sits pulsing gently, waiting like a contended pet dog instead of a roaring baited hound.

Earth energy is a link between our minds and our spiritual selves. I think it’s important that we remember how the process of creation occurs every moment of every day of our lives. When we are in tune with it, at peace with our selves then we can experience the perfect harmony that can exist between human being, earth and the higher beings of The Management.

But all these terms are, at the end of the day, just labels. It is our individual experiences and beliefs that count in building our lives, no matter what you call it.

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