Guardian energies of place can be engaged in conversation just like a human being. We can have conversations with any of them, if necessary using dowsing. They are always willing to share their perspective on their awareness and seem to view our questions with patience and acceptance. They are after all, an aspect of the overall collective consciousness just like us, but they are being expressed in a different dimension that overlaps ours.

Love underlays the dimensions of ‘the management’ (spirit), so why is it that spiritual beings sometimes don’t seem to express the human-like emotions we would expect? What does it tell us about being “human” and can we learn something significant that helps us re-assess our emotional attachments and learn to detach from troublesome turmoil in our lives?

Assuming there is love underlying other dimensions, as has been witnessed in so many NDE accounts, some people also wonder if other detrimental human emotions are present too: fear, sadness, despair or anger? Negative feelings such as these are an aspect of the contrasting nature of our dimension: hot & cold, love & fear, comfort & pain. It is our human emotions that enable us to learn from life, in this sense we can be described as “emotional processors”. We convert low vibrational energies such as fear and hate or greed into love. Life’s goal on a spiritual path is usually to learn about love. To learn about the simple essence of compassion in that love, the most difficult aspect of which is the practice of unconditional love.

I was recently asked this question, which I attempted to answer in one of my regular livestream sessions on my YouTube channel. (3.30pm on Mondays BST, for your general questions to be answered*)

“We recognise that the guardian aspects of place exist a dimension of unconditional love, so how might they feel, when for instance, plants in their space are killed, animals suffer or water gets poisoned? If every little thing still matters, when one looks at it with an attitude of love, how do they feel?” 

The answer is that these energies have mastered unconditional love and their guardianship isn’t about the guardianship of human action, it is about guardianship of what we perceive as ‘earth energy’ and the etheric aspects of our neighbouring dimensions. They are sentinels of the energy but they can perceive the issues on our side of the veil too. They make no comment because in circumstances of, for example, a situation where there is poisoned water, they also recognise there is an opportunity for human beings to reverse the process. In this human act of reversal there is compassion and love.

Every scenario can be perceived as detrimental from one particular viewpoint, but there can also be found an opportunity for learning, for development, for advancement of positive emotional energy as a result of an action resulting from a human choice.

Our physical realm is informed from the dimensions next to ours. As a species we are learning more and more about the interconnected aspect of nature. It is expressed throughout the living world and can be found even in such examples as the function of a DNA molecule. So we can assume there is also a two-way exchange of information between the realms of spirit and humanity.

The question of what do guardian energies actually emotionally ‘feel’ should be perceived within a wider context than from a human being’s perspective. The BIGGER picture is crucial. It gives us the desired different context. It changes context from human point of view to the spiritual being’s point of view.

Do different spiritual beings express different aspects of the emotions found in humans?

  • Spirits who have passed away and return to give us messages can be very impatient and demanding when contacted by a medium. They can also vividly display emotions like happiness.
  • Trapped souls are still very close to human physical energy. They can be very frustrated, very angry and very scared. But when released they may leave without any attempt to say goodbye. So the departure is emotionless. But this may be due to the process of departure in that they have acknowledged they are in spirit, so their energy may have changed in that instant and have become more ‘intensely spirit-like’.
  • Guardian angels, spirit guides and guardians of place? As previously mentioned, they are a part of the management so they live from a perspective of unconditional love and that is the standpoint from which they function.
  • Elementals: they have to put up with us and they express similar emotions to us, sometimes that leads to ‘issues’ between us and them!

The context, the point of view from which one perceives the emotion is ‘everything’ in this conversation. We so often can only see life through the lens of a human. Spirit guardian energies don’t have that same limit. All those in the other realms have the knowledge that just one human lifetime isn’t all there is in existence.

Some people believe it is impossible that this dimension was built by a god because survival in our realm is built upon predation between species. In order to live, animals and humans have to destroy something. So in some people’s eyes, this is wrong. But this is based upon the view that DEATH is a BAD thing, that it is something that should be avoided at all costs and that it causes suffering.

Well for sure, it causes grief and is painful for those left behind and sometimes painful in differing degrees for those heading towards end of life through illness or injury. However, the actual process, the moment of the soul leaving the body when the energy of the person or animal transitions, is not designed by nature to be painful.

Fear and pain in the animal kingdom exists, but as far as we can gather it is likely that when an animal is fleeing a predator the adrenaline has kicked in and pain is anaesthetised if it is caught. These are systems designed to alleviate suffering. But of course human beings can instil a huge amount of suffering both on animals, other people and themselves through their deliberate or subconscious actions.

However if we change our perspective on all this and we consider death to be just a process, and a natural part of the overall cycle of existence then we can see that this physical dimension is only a small part of the experience of a spiritual being. This understanding puts death into a different context and allows us to glimpse the bigger picture that those in other dimensions seem to have. This is not to denigrate the emotional impact of death or dying.

Sometimes people ask me whether the management would approve of certain acts, of some of the things people do or their behaviour as though ‘the management’ would express pleasure or displeasure at what they observe. They don’t express approval or disapproval of what we do, as that would be judgemental. They may feel pain for the way we experience our lives, but time and time again we are told by those in spirit that “everything is as it should be”.

I repeat this to illustrate how we might find a new understanding of our experience of life by changing the context of our perception of the world around us. In shifting our perception we can put all issues that trouble us into a new perspective. Walking step by step with spiritual aspect of our worlds will always give us an opportunity to learn, develop and will help us make sense of the seeming chaos that fills most modern life if we buy into the illusion of the physical dimension.

The world is not what it seems. There is an opportunity for change in every moment.

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Developing Further Intuition (‘Intuition 2’)

The aim of this workshop is to enable you to put your understanding of your connection to spirit/’the management’ into practice so you can see how to pick up information from people and your surroundings with more clarity.

This workshop is intended to assist you to better comprehend and trust your relationship to your spirit guide. In some instances this will mean introducing you to your initial spirit guide. We will explore clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience working as a group.

If appropriate, we will give attendees the opportunity to sit with the very special energy of ‘trance’ in order to experience a particularly close relationship with their spirit guide.

You will benefit from this workshop if your connection to The Management has taken you into healing, into counselling or other therapeutic work or even if you have followed a lone process of self-development. On this workshop you will have the opportunity to work closely with the personalities of spirit to firmly experience these new aspects of your life and you will leave feeling an enhanced close connection to everything around you.

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Healing with our Ancestors (“Spirit & Earth” I)

This enlightening weekend workshop is specifically designed to evoke the spirits of our ancestors to help us develop and enhance our healing abilities. 

Jointly presented by Adrian Incledon-Webber* and Tim Walter authors of “Spirit & Earth – A handbook for holistic living”

Topics covered on this weekend:

The sanctity of self: our bodies as sacred spaces
Ancient sacred symbols and how to use them in our daily lives
Healing sessions using the energy of the Mother Earth and Spirit
What are elementals and how to work with them
We will also be constructing a stone circle and Vesica Pisces in the hall to show sacred sites can aid meditation and healing
We will be visiting several spiritual sites locally

*Adrian is author of the hugely popular book on house healing, “Heal Your Home”, sometimes called ‘the bible of Geopathic Stress’ available from amazon in both the UK and USA.