“Healing with our Ancestors” is my next jointly presented workshop in Wiltshire. Over the weekend of 29th and 30th June, Adrian Incledon-Webber and I are running one of our workshops based upon the content of our jointly authored book, “Spirit & Earth – a handbook for modern holistic living”. This workshop will further expand information and practical experience of healing sacred space with our ancestors but is built upon the attitude and respect we each have for ourselves.

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The heavens wait for each of us even while we are here on earth in our daily lives and they exhibit extreme patience compassion and love. We are each an essence of our planet. The world is waking up. The momentum continues to grow and the shift in consciousness is being noticed. Some call it “ascension” and some just notice how many people think thoughts and behave with beliefs that we all once though were ‘whacky’. There is in all these changes evidence of the universal love from the management itself.

The management is a part of each of us. Never be mistaken, never feel isolated or alone in any moment of every single day. As we know there is only a single moment, ever, there is always the love and the support of all the of the management.

In these moments there is always hope and the spark of the management can always be found.  It is they who love your life more than you ever know and they are a part of us all. As my guide said recently,

“I am part of your father and I am a part of your mother and I am simply a part a of God that is the essence of the moment, the now, the only thing there ever is, in a singularity of scientific thought and we laugh at the logical but it is a part of us too. You are changing and you are growing. And you are love incarnate each and every one of you is a part of the whole and there is always hope and there is always now. No matter where you are ….or indeed if you are matter at all.”

Unusually for Myrddin, there was some humour in that short connection.

You are most welcome to join Adrian and I for some ancestor healing and further discovery of the sacred space that is each of us as aspects of the ultimate creator.

We’ll have some fun as well as make some significant shifts in our awareness. I can say that with some certainty as for each of these workshops in the past this has have been the case.

Do join us at Bishops Cannings on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th  when we will be looking at:

Healing with our Ancestors

specifically designed to evoke the spirits of our ancestors to help us develop and enhance our healing abilities. 

Topics covered:

The sanctity of self: humans as sacred spaces
Ancient sacred symbols and how to use them in our daily lives
What are elementals and how to work with them
We will also be constructing a stone circle and Vesica Pisces in the hall to show sacred sites can aid meditation and healing
We will be visiting several spiritual sites locally

Healing sessions using the energy of the Mother Earth and Spirit