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Geopathic Stress

House Healing

Architects and designers are aware of a phenomenon called “sick building syndrome”. My work can address some of the issues found in sick building syndrome such as detrimental Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) but usually the work I do is to assist people who are either suffering unusual effects from being in their homes or they have come to me suffering from  symptoms that are collectively referred to as Geopathic Stress.

Geopathic Stress is a mixture of symptoms not widely recognised by the pharmaceutical based medical profession but which add up to create a picture of general poor-health or discomfort for a person while in their home or place of work.

Physical symptoms can range from nausea, headaches, troubled vision or prolonged periods of poor sleep to mental & emotional states that include depression, despondency and anxiety. Symptoms seem to worsen the longer the person remains in the building and improve when they are away from it.

Please note that if you are experiencing the above symptoms for a prolonged length of time your priority should be to first seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner, if they cannot help then please contact me.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Some people are more sensitive to their environment than others. Highly Sensitive People can be overwhelmed by the effects of different geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields within their homes, some of which are created naturally (identified with the catch-all heading “Earth Energy”) and some are created by electronic goods (often called technopathic stress). And there are many more influences as these selected headings from my home audit report shows:

Auric field disturbances
Thought forms
Past life/karmic issues
Psychic chords/psychic attack
Chakra re-alignment
Underground water flows
Geological fault lines
Technopathic stress (EMF)
Black magic
Spirit lines
Earth energy flows
Inter-dimensional disturbances
Trapped soul energy (ghosts etc) 


House healing or modern “geomancy” as it is often called is a way of treating a collection of symptoms known as geopathic stress. That is generally a feeling of being unwell or unsettled when in a specific building. Sometimes symptoms can be more mental than physical ranging from a loss of ‘joi de vivre’ to depression.

Mini Geomancy Report:
Introductory subtle energy audit

Including Re-Balancing & Harmonising of key aspects

You have experienced life’s ups and downs. The ups are great, but the downs leave an energetic impression that can hurt, harm and linger. As a result, you may be dissatisfied, feel stuck, be wondering if there is “more to life” or even feel as though life just isn’t what you thought it was supposed to be.

We all have our own power to make change in our lives. Sometimes though we need help from outside to enable us to find our new path and set off in the right direction. Clarity of thought, understanding of new phenomena or even a reduction in life’s stress can be achieved through working with some of the subtle influences that we are all subjected to every day in our homes or at work. These subtle energies most definitely don’t affect everyone in the same way, rather like two people can react completely differently to some foods. Typically Highly Sensitive People will be aware of subtle energies around them far more than those of us who are less sensitive. Coming to terms with these energies can be a life changing experience.

My Mini Geomancy Report is an introduction to the more comprehensive full service to clear and reset the many layers of subtle energy levels that can exist within a house or place of work. This mini report is an opportunity to help you get unstuck so you can begin to take life in a more exciting, empowering direction.

This mini report will show on a floorplan the routes of any detrimental effects from earth energy flows, underground water flows or detrimental energy fields from technology such as cell phones, television, laptops etc.

These three areas of potential detrimental energy are shown on a floorplan of your house so you can see if they may have been affecting you. Any detrimental energy found will be re-balanced to be beneficial for you as a result of the report.

Additionally, please state if you have a particular issue that you feel needs resolving such as low energy, poor sleep or nightmares, simply feeling uncomfortable in your own home (or worse), so that I may focus clearly on possible contributing factors.

A unique introductory report will highlight if you are experiencing detrimental effects from: underground water

electrical equipment such as cell phones or computers

geomagnetic earth energy

This service includes the remote re-balancing of these detrimental influences

The purchase of an Introductory subtle energy audit does not oblige you to purchase a full home audit and you should feel some change within your home as a result of this work.

I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

Issues that you present with may require a more intensive approach, in which case I will suggest the full home subtle energy audit (see below). You are not obliged to purchase the full home audit, and neither will I insist that you do so. You are in control at all times. Please see endorsements from previous clients at the bottom of this page.

Full Geomancy Report

Subtle Energy Audit

For your Home or your place of work £780

While life or business may feel pretty good, sometimes there is something you just can’t put your finger on – it’s like a wall you can’t seem to go over, round, under or even through. Clearly you want to change that and reach your goal. This comprehensive report covers:

  • More than 40 environmental and circumstantial data-points that could be detrimentally affecting you and others living in your home or at your place of work
  • A unique multi-page energy report
  • Re-alignment of the energetic imprint of each member of your family for positive beneficial effect. This can remove stresses, poor sleep patterns and many other negative influences effecting you.

A remote, follow up, full subtle energy audit including further energetic alterations as required

Life Enhancement

£135 a session (£160 including email support – rate open to discussion based upon services required)

You’re probably feeling stuck in a rut, unable to move on in your job, your relationships or life in general. You may feel like you can’t quite “make sense of it all” or have a sense that your life has a greater purpose than you are currently living. Life enhancement enables your world to change subtly, but significantly, for the good and often in ways you won’t expect.

I will:

  • Help you reveal the power you hold. This will help you take confident control of your life and future
  • Show you an ancient technique that access your intuition in a logical way, helping you make more grounded but intuitive decisions
  • Help you develop and trust your intuition for guidance
  • Assist you as your life improves, changes and transforms

Change can be subtle, but significant

“you have opened my mind and heart to the notion that I can broaden the scope of my inquiry. I am profoundly grateful. Finding my spirit guide /Guardian on my left shoulder brought tears to my eyes!”


“Thank you so much for an excellent workshop. I got an enormous amount from it that I know has provoked a sustainable change. The future feels exciting! It was nurturing to be in that green, peaceful valley with its flowing water and to share such big stuff with you and the others in a natural, safe and easy way”


Frequently Asked Questions

House healing is gaining popularity as more people discover this ancient process.
Here are some common questions to dispel some of its mystery

What can I expect to change?

I often refer to house healing as “reality engineering”. We are not just focusing on the house or place of work we directly look at the subtle energy of the people involved (and pets too) and work to adjust the subtle energy in which people live. The primary results are usually a better standard of sleep, less unease or anxiety at home or at work, less “brain-fug” from electric items (EMF) and a general improvement in outlook and “joie de vivre”.

How do I know you might be able to help me?

House healing works to alleviate a collection of natural and man-made subtle influences that are usually referred to as geopathic stress. Please get in touch using the contact form on this website and if necessary we can arrange a short conversation to discuss your issue.

What do you do?

Initially I will use the floorplan you have provided to look for detrimental influences that might be causing your issues. I will write up what I find in a report and mark on the floorplan energy flows. I will then re-balance the detrimental energy to be positive and life-affirming and if you have requested a full report and re-balancing we will have a 1to1 video call to discuss the findings and the changes that have occurred. I will then do a second round of energy re-balancing work as a result of that conversation.

At all times you are in charge of how much work I do. This is based not only upon your direct instruction but also on how much feedback you give me about what changes occur in your life as we do the healing work. This part of the process can sometimes be integral to the overall effectiveness of the work.

I offer a mini-report which highlights several of the most commonly found issues that affect a house. The mini report and energy re-balancing is a low cost way of sampling my work and to see if it suits you. In many instances this initial work will be sufficient for change to take effect. (Please see client’s feedback). A mini report will take me approximately 3- 4 hours work. A full report which is a far more comprehensive process can take around 15 hours including the energy re-balancing work.

Why do you need a floorplan to work from?

The floorplan acts as a device for me as the dowser to connect to and find information for you. This is process of observation and connection to the subtle realms. I work from home and connect to a house or place of work anywhere in the world.

Does house healing always work?

No. However, in the majority of cases some form of shift does occur. If you are not happy with the work I have done for you please ask about having your money refunded. As with all subtle energy based work such as homeopathy, reiki or distant healing we cannot offer guarantees as to the outcome. I recommend that if you feel unwell you should also consult your usual medical practitioner or GP in the first instance. And while all my work is done in the utmost good faith and I am insured for dowsing and other therapy work I am not a licenced medical practitioner.

Isn’t all this just the placebo effect?

Like a lot of healing there needs to be the real desire for improvement and change. House healing isn’t just the placebo effect but it may have something to do with it. What we are working with are subtle energies that mainstream medicine doesn’t acknowledge. Think of house heling and geomancy a bit like extremely powerful Reiki for the house and the people living in the space.

How long does it all take?

House healing is a process not a single one off switch. I will usually spend several days collecting the date from the floorplan and putting the report together. Then the real works starts as every house demands several energy re-balancing sessions SO over all I will usually be working with a client over several months. The feedback from the client is a vital part of the process so we need everybody to be mindful of what’s happening in the house or place of work in order to monitor whether change is taking place and the nature of that change. s like with homeopathy and other types of energy therapy work sometimes things get worse before they better. Usually any detrimental changes will only last a short time before things improve.

Why do you add in life enhancement sessions on the end of some healings?

Part of the healing is helping those in troubled houses shift their perspective on what they have been facing. Sometimes the healing is about enabling the person to see their lives in a much wider perspective and that can take a few sessions of coaching to establish the new perspective. Changing your life is never going to be done ‘overnight’.

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