I sometimes feel people expect the home of a house healer to be immaculate, flowing dust free surfaces with very little out of place and not a speck daring to float across ever-present streaming sunlight. Our house isn’t like that. We recently said goodbye to builders who had spent months putting in several roof lights, replacing the roof over my office, creating a new bathroom and office space and installing a new staircase. What remains now is a huge amount of reorganising and an interminable amount of decorating. I won’t bore you further with details, but enough to say that the feeling of the house after all that work is dusty but completely different to how it was five months ago.

Chicken or egg – Feeling or builder?

The physical changes created by our builders contribute to the changes that can be felt here. Changes in physical space echo energy changes in our emotional attitudes and states of being. So, is it the physical changes that cause the emotional changes or the other way around? In house healer training I help the students recognise how the reality we are presented with often doesn’t obey simple hard and fast rules of Newtonian physics, like cause and effect. We can’t necessarily say one thing came before another thing. When we work in the quantum weirdness, which is where the inspirational creative force of reality resides, we are dealing with some very subtle but significant influences. For instance, time is different and doesn’t obey the standard rules of human perception. In the quantum realm things that happen in the future have an effect on the past. Under such circumstances it would be all too easy to feel powerless and possibly even a little insignificant. But the truth of this weirdness is that it presents us with the opposite opportunity.

As spiritual beings temporarily in human form we each have immense power through our own decision making. What we align our energy to is crucial in determining what we experience. Our lives are primarily subjective experience. The scientific goal of isolated objective reality in order to gain a truth can be thought of as illusory and I would suggest actually unachievable. In philosophical terms there can be no pure objective reality as at some point every exploration of an idea is subjectively analysed. It has to be, in order to be considered. Such is the ‘possibly impossible’ quest to understand the nature of consciousness.

House Healing training – is it for you?

My next 10 month house healing course starts in September. Although its called house healing it is really an opportunity for self-development as we take students on a confidence building journey of self-discovery as they begin to work on other people’s homes. The skill is in learning some of the fundamental foundational tenets of so many ancient spiritual traditions, namely nurturing an open heart, embracing the ‘now’ and living in detachment. Everything else changes once we can master these aspects. The world changes not only for ourselves but for all those we work with as house healing clients.

Spiritual energy is sub-atomic energy. It is the creative speak of idea that formulates into a physical form. It’s an awesome concept to consider that what we do as house healers is to call on energies that are far more powerful than humanity, far older than the earth itself. And we do so to effect a gentle shift of perception in a person’s life: a shift that will most likely be subtle but significant.

If you would like to join the next small group of trainee house healers please let me know using the contact form on my website as soon as you can. I am looking for just three more people to join the next group of trainees on a course to be held monthly on zoom. We will start the course in September. 

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