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Tim Walter has personally trained everyone in the KnightsRose House Healer Network. They understand Tim’s methods and work sympathetically with you, your family and with the subtle energies of place to reduce the effects of geopathic stress. By choosing a KnightsRose certified house healer you are also assured of Tim’s personal validation. You are also accessing the combined potential of the group, if required.

Please note that while every effort is made to reduce the detrimental effects of subtle energies, we cannot offer guarantees of outcome. If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact Tim Walter directly by email.

Anna Schmidt

Hi, my name is Anna Schmidt. In the realm of house healing, I work remotely through using dowsing, my strong intuitive connection and empathic spiritual healing to rebalance the subtle geopathic and spirit energies within homes and in personal energy fields.

I am highly skilled in connecting with spirits who wander the earth and spirits who are trapped because of their emotional attachment to places and people from their past.

I have thirty years’ personal experience in recognising and clearing denser spirit energies that can occupy and negatively affect homes, the land and people’s energy fields.

I am confident in realigning the delicate balance of subtle energies and provide significant results in improving the energetic harmony within you, your family and your home

Jean-François Laliberté

House Healer, Engineer, Storyteller

Combining those three professional roles with his two more personal ones of husband and father, JF, a French-Canadian living near Montreal, has a unique set of skills that makes him a spiritual, but down to earth and grounded house healer. He has been working and developing his house healing skills under the tutelage of Tim Walter since 2019. With the guidance of the Management upstairs, Mother Earth, his personal guides and a few hard-working elementals, he can help make your home or office more balanced and geopathic stress free.

Rosie Velasquez

It’s an honor to walk this journey with you. Please email with questions or comments. Thank you-

Remote Environmental Clearing

Whether it’s your workplace, car, home, or even the land your house sits on, clearing the detrimental energies that can affect our lives by environmental electromagnetic energies. I use using various techniques of geomancy (earth healing) as well as family traditions of clearing (limpias).

This is done remotely or as a distance clearing.

We will have 2 sessions together-
*one to assess what needs clearing, I will do a report with your floor plan
*second session we will discuss findings.

Crystal Morrison

Having trained in various healing modalities and mentored hundreds of people over the last ten years, my focus to achieve your improved well being is always on ethics, respect, and compassion as we remove detrimental energies and amplify the beneficial energies to harmonise your home and life. 

Every house healing is conducted in a high state of heart coherence and is directed by my connection to spirit and guides often with a variety of clearing and healing methods,  including Crystal Resonance Healing, Crystal Grids, Shamanic Practices, Copper or Gold Tensor rings and Photo energy. Less spirit-based healing is sometimes required, in which case we will use such practices as Ho’oponopono, or spiritual coaching/mentoring.