House hunting has been rather preoccupying me this year.

We all occasionally feel that a change of scenery would be a good idea, whether it’s to escape things that are less than pleasant about where we currently live or to move on another step in our progress towards holistic wellness.

Sometimes we move for the simplest of reasons, just for a change of pace in life. But when my clients start to talk about a change of habitat I urge them to remember that it is often their inner world asking for the change but the time for the actual move may not be immediate or as be as obvious as it first appears. I believe It is a shift of focus within the individual’s subjective world that enables the external world to “relocate”.

Simply deciding to emigrate, for example, because one has “had enough” of this country can be a mistake if we have not been completely honest with ourselves about the issues we are wanting to leave behind. Are they really external, or have we been able to identify them as having a source within our own emotional spectrum? If so, have we sorted that emotional turmoil and moved on from the negative emotion causing the stress in the first place? In these instances we need to be able to feel satisfied that the same reactions won’t occur within ourselves in the new location. As one of my clients pointed out not so long ago, everywhere we go our minds and emotional responses go too! There is never any getting away from ourselves.

Since February when my spirit guide told me whilst meditating that my wife and I could “move house now”, it’s been occupying a lot of my mental space, some would say too much! For those of you who watch my youTube videos you will have seen the house that we thought we were buying; it was a renovation project in Farndale, here in Yorkshire but on the day of exchange of contracts the seller decided to pull out. We were shocked as there had been no indication that a change of mind might be imminent and even our seasoned solicitor was dumbfounded. I pretty soon recognised in this action the hand of The Management upstairs and so despite loving the house in Farndale, I thought “Oh, well, we won’t be going there then!”

A more tuned in clairvoyant or sensitive than I might have simply asked The Management why this had happened. But as we know, The Management often only responds to such questions with an enigmatic puzzling answer which doesn’t really satisfy our human need for facts in moments of “crisis”. So instead we took some grounded action and contacted an estate agent who had some weeks earlier told us that a house we had previously looked at and bid for was back on the market if we were still interested in that one. Sure enough we put in another offer for it and we are now, at the time of writing, proceeding on this rather remote cottage that we first went to visit in the Spring of this year (pictured above).

Why do I share this house hunting escapade with you? Certainly it’s not just to fill your in-box with news of the goings-on in my life! Throughout this process of considering and acting upon buying another house there have been many lessons for me from The Management and I am grateful for all of them, even the shock of a sudden seller whim! During these months I have thought thoroughly about who I am, how I relate to the world around me and how best I can help others with the skills and experience that I have learned over decades. Storthwaite Hall, our potential next home, is perfect as a base for my wife and I for the foreseeable future. It also has the potential for many different kinds of wonderful workshops to be run from here deep in the Yorkshire Dales. And it’s all very, very exciting. More news on all of this in due course.

Over these months I have also learned a lot about trusting my intuitive connection to The Management. I talk to some of you about trust and following your intuition and about the need to believe in the Management to guide and create the right scenarios for us at the right time (life). And the reason I talk about trust is because I still experience exactly the same doubts and worry and concerns that you do. Despite my individual experience of living a life completely separate from you all, I share the exact same thoughts and feelings that say “What if I am wrong?” What if I didn’t hear those words from spirit (intuition) that said “Move house now”.

There hasn’t been a week that has passed since February that I haven’t to some extent doubted what I heard and thought that I may have been foolish in focussing so much of my time on the intensive life disrupting process of moving house. But now, with our almost perfect house neatly lined up for the future the fact we are spending a few months in a rented property is not at all unsettling. I was immensely grateful for the perfectly timed opportunity on the day of our “crisis” to find two separate landlords who are very relaxed about rental contracts and timings and therefore in our moment of need The Management provided two options for us to choose from! The shock of the sale falling through may have been just that: a shock, but never did I feel abandoned and these two rental properties showed me The Management had our backs. I’ve talked a lot about me in this post, but if you take nothing else away from this blog please understand that The Management are always there for each and every one of us. We do not need special gifts to tune in to them or to walk with them everyday in the way we are most suited to. All we need is patience to learn and to nurture the understanding that their Love is completely unconditional. The hard part is learning to see their presence and shift our perspective on our own lives. Our role in the process of life is to take our turn to input our energy into the creation of reality and this enables the rhythm of our worlds to unfold. In this rhythm is the balance of creation, step by step, choice by choice; it is a majestic continuum.

Both my long-suffering wife and I are looking forward to the opportunity being presented to us. I “trust” that I for my part I can live up to the expectation I put upon myself and can manage the responsibilities of being the custodian of such a fabulous ancient cottage and can work there to help as many as possible to connect to their inner selves and see life in harmony with the natural world as a powerful creative being.

House hunting for a peaceful home doesn’t necessarily mean a restful time, but when we all find a place where we can feel at ease and connect to the land in a manner that enables us to stand tall and feel grounded, then we know we are home.

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