It’s been a while!

Long gone are the days of my regular Wednesday “Butterfly 88” messages arriving in your inbox. Producing videos for YouTube rather took over and life developed in the way that it does. For those of you who wondered where I had gone, I’m now intending to resume these messages as a monthly mix of news and short snippets of food for thought on life, the universe and infinite possibilities. 

So first of all: some news from me: 

YouTube: Monday 14th at 3.30pm BST “live”

… do join me if you have been along to one of our meandering chats in the past or might like to join us in a live session soon. These hour long conversations are held less regularly than they used to be, but folk still seem to find them just as enjoyable!

On Monday we will be discussing this question from a regular contributor: I’m working with (earth energy) spirals at The Merry Maidens …and have picked up petal manifestations … after doing my own personal energy work on them have found it shifts my perception to a state of altered consciousness allowing me to see energies and am so thrilled as it would take me days in deep Ceremony to achieve this in the past… Question: so is this the collapse of the (quantum) wave form within me to allow this seeing?” It’s a great question and gives much for us to discuss.

House Healer Training

I’m pleased to say that my courses are now building pace with an annual intake for the next few years being likely. In August the current class of students will gain certification to work as a professional house healers. At the end of the course everybody also has the option to join the gently growing KnightRose House Healing Network. The Network provides on-going support as the fledgling businesses (or sometimes not so fledgling professionals) step out into the world and spread their subtle wings.

If you are interested in joining the next course please let me know as soon as possible because I like to talk with potential students beforehand. Please see here for some vague but established guidelines as to the course’s content and approach: please excuse the fact that it currently still states “2020”!!

The outline is the same for 2021. The content might seem vague, but several people on gaining their certificates have commented that taking the course has been life-changing. And that is exactly what I had hoped when starting the role of teacher. More info here:
Please do drop me a line if you would like to arrange a 30mins chat about the course and to find out if it is suitable for you. 


“The world is not what it seems” my spirit guide, who initially presented himself as Merlin, was clear in pronunciation, but vague in what these words meant. He refused to explain. I didn’t know then that it was only the start of our relationship of student and teacher that was to last for several years. Those years were when I felt him as a separate aspect of my reality.

In the early days we practiced the process of how he was to speak through me. He would approach from my right, then gently fill my body with his presence. His words would be heard as I moved my subjective awareness to a small part of my inner world.  He would use my voice, my physical being, in order to convey his messages and as I listened to his words I would wonder what he meant and ponder the concepts like any external listener would. We shared the same body for up to an hour or so on each occasion but were separate in our awareness of existence…

As an experience, “odd” isn’t the word for it…

Today I am of course still a student to all those personalities on the subtle levels that constantly surround us. When Merlin, who I later agreed to call, “Myrddin” as this was his Welsh name when he was incarnate in our dimension, arrived in my awareness he did so over a period of some months. The connection was not one that was instantly present. In this respect it was unlike that which I had already established with the guardian spirit of the space of our house who we came to call simply, “Jane” . It had been easy to talk with Jane. Both my wife and I could have conversations with her using dowsing. We could feel her presence distinctly even though neither of us could see her. It was Jane who in support of Myrddin’s words, when he first said, “The world is not what it seems” it was she who declared bluntly to me, “It is real – the world is real”. She wanted to close down any misguided thoughts I might have about the nature of reality.

“Oh!” I uttered profoundly in that moment. And in that pause for understanding, Jane left. As is often the case in conversations with spirit, I had more questions raised than answered.

Dowsing is without doubt the easiest way to safely access these subtle energies that surround us. We can find personalities in these energies. They are always there ready to be spoken to and ready to answer. It is however advisable to enter this mind-space with the best possible intent and to do so with an open heart and a willingness to receive the highest and best possible vibration in ones connection. More on that in future mailings.

So, what do we DO with this statement, “The world is not what its seems”? For me, these years have shown that the true nature of life cannot be answered by one solution. No one approach, be it a philosophy or a science or simply an observational point of view can be all encompassing to provide the answer for what life is all about. What we experience as developing human beings is a source of spirituality that is really a source of self, but it is infinite in its capacity to be examined and questioned. We live in that source too. It is all around us and we are a part of it. We do not exist. We are not separate to anything that we experience. It is all a part of us, but we are not the human self. We are instead the infinite: a multi-layered compilation of temporary interdimensional star-stuff crushed together to form matter for a moment of expression. We are in that moment all that is, all that has been and all that is here and now. And that is the way it will always be.

So, when the world seems out of control and governed by fear, examine what is within and see the echoes within. When the world seems near to collapse through perceived anger and violence of greed, examine the self and see what is within. And when you believe the world is soon to be extinguished, examine the self and see what is within, because the world ‘out there’ is not the world at all. The world is not what it seems.

Until next time, may you be blessed to peek behind the veil of illusion and live the free life you were born to lead.