Joy, peace, balance and harmony are just some of the catchy words we strive for when imagining a pleasant life. Certainly when it comes to house healing these sentiments usually sit at the top of the list of requirements for my clients.

So when we find that life sweeps us up and carries us off in strange directions on an almost perpetual basis, how does that sit with the idea of creating our own realities and manifesting a positive future for ourselves?

I’m currently creeping into my late fifties. When we get to this age, we increasingly face our own mortality; ever more frequently we face one of the realities of life, that it includes death. Quite understandably the concept of whether there is anything to look forward to once we leave this life is a common thought amongst most of us in our more mature years

I advocate not using the “d” word and favour the expression given to me recently by one of my YouTube channel viewers of “stepping into the next world”. Fifteen years of living and communicating with the spirit of a person who had herself ‘stepped into the next world’ and was enjoying the experience has left me with very little doubt that we do continue to exist when it comes to our turn. “End of life” doesn’t really exist. Not only is it a difficult concept to grasp, (even I have moments of doubt) but when we are faced with the passing of a loved one the knowledge of their continuation doesn’t lessen the pain of grief. It always really, really hurts.

Learning to live with the pain of loss is part of our human journey and can be the hardest thing we ever do in the years we experience here on this place we call earth. But one morning you will awake and feel that a weight has been moved from your chest. That although you still bear the scars you can move easier and you can see the sunshine again. And above all you can breathe.

It’s absolutely all right to cry and to continue to cry for the rest of your human experience if that helps, but you also have to lift yourself out of the pit of grief and take a step forwards. One step towards pulling yourself back together and allowing the sunlight to creep into the darkness where it will highlight the floating specks of dust, allowing tiny fleeting thoughts that offer something else to flicker between your tears.

Loss is a part of being human. And as they say in spiritually uplifting quotes that plaster facebook “This too will pass” ….if you let it.

Life cycles shift and change and part of being able to find joy and peace is to take active part in the changes and allow a life experience to take place through us: a life experienced through our choices of the ways that we express ourselves. We can rant and shout and cry at the Universe for sweeping us away from our comfort and security AND we can take action to be mindfully aware of what we are being shown about ourselves, about our own mortality, about the way we feel about every aspect of the life we have chosen to lead up to this point. And while are ranting and raging against the Universe we can also choose to connect to the space within us and if we are able to listen to the building roar of silence that will eventually be found we will hear, one day, when we least expect it, the tiniest, quietest voice of our lost loved ones. And they will be saying, “It’s all right to cry. It’s all right to be human. Its all right to simply be yourself…in your own time.”

The seasons are changing. We are nearing the Spring Equinox. Nature will soon burst with abundance for another beautiful cycle. Let’s allow the magic of that elusive natural energy to permeate our lives and remember that we are transient travellers passing through this world on our way to the next. Each world is full of its own magic.


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