Learning to accept love was the last thing I expected to hear when I sat in meditation a few weeks ago and waited for Myrddin to come to me. Our relationship has changed over the years. I feel him less often, but when teaching and assisting clients he comes through on an almost predictable basis. He is like an old friend…. but so much more than just an old friend too.

When he came with his usual combination of humour balanced with gravitas he wanted to talk of love… but first he expressed his dismay at my personal despair of not being productive enough for my own satisfaction! IT seems a strange launching point, but here in its entirety is his message. I have explained the confusing bits below!

“Do not punish yourself. All the actions of humanity are guided. You are vessels to carry energy to be processed, to be experienced and watched, observed. What greater need would there be than to be vessels for observation? Observation within and without: it is all the same.

Observe. Observe. Observe. Do not seek, do not race, do not rush. There is no need to race and rush and fluster and panic, although you will continue to do so! Because that is the nature of you as a human being.

 Do not try to explore the depths from which I come. You’ll not find an entity behind the voice. We are within and without. Within everything. We are everything. Your spark of consciousness is miniscule, it is smaller than the atom to you, a tiny fraction of whirling vortices comparable to this in your world and yet, we know of your presence. No, we are not ET. We are the information of the other realm. That which informs yours. We flood, we flow, we enjoy the ride in your world. We do not see the suffering that you see. We do not regard it as suffering, these are human emotions. Just as love is a human emotion. Do not struggle. Love, you see? Love. If you were born from something, created from something, an emotion, it would be love. The teachings of your world indicate that the human condition is to find love, to be love and yet you already are! Because that is what you are made of. That is where we are: we are love. Unbounded: there are no boundaries. Everything in this realm is love. You are processing, developing, changing, moving, accepting more and more love into your life. Accept love and more will follow. The flow broadens the tube and allows more through. Observe, but you need do nothing more than allow the love we offer you to flow through you and into you. It is as important to love yourself as it is to express love to other beings. Every being that you meet, encounter, at all possible moments.

What more would you want us to say? There are no more words at this time. We wish you farewell. It has been a pleasure. Farewell.”  

It’s interesting that he refers to “us” and “we” as though he is more than just himself. I feel this is his ‘hat tipping’ to the notion of “all is one”.

In this section “Your spark of consciousness is miniscule…” he is referring to how tiny my particular energy imprint is within the vastness of the physical universe. What he seems to be suggesting is that it is not the physical universe that he pays attention to.. it is the energetic imprint of me – my soul-self as I would refer to it. In that sense it felt as he was taking that the soul is far larger than the tiny imprint we imagine ourselves to be.

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Image above is a detail of the drawing “Ancestor” by Nicola Moss. The character Nicola drew, without any knowledge of Myrddin, is a startling resemblance of the guide that comes to me. My continued thanks to Nicola for allowing me to use the drawing. www.nicolamossartmedals.com