This is not an image you might expect from a life coach. Folks like me are usually found promoting up beat high vibration images of wonder and joy. But to me this old window is symbolic of potential and another stage in life’s journey. I see it as relating to how much more I can change the way I view the world around me, see it with new eyes as it were. A new attitude, new opportunities to help more people find different ways of finding the joy in their own lives …

Following on from the last blog about the importance of our beliefs, I thought I’d make it clearer what I was meaning and hopefully you will see how this relates to your lives and perhaps to the individual pain or anguish that you may be feeling right now.

My point in any of my writing or in any of the you tube video clips I make, is not that I am sharing aspects of my life for the sake of saying “ohh look what I am doing”, as I see little point in that, instead my intention is that you notice something that reflects how you feel in your life which then starts a thought process leading you to take action to improve your lot in life. Hopefully, that is something that enables you to see life with joy rather than pain.


The point being of course that pain itself is a reflection of our attitude towards the things (usually an external action by somebody or a memory of such action) that cause that pain. We don’t have to hold on to the pain even if the situation (or memory) that started our reaction of pain remains present… we can change our attitude towards it. How so…?

For you and only you

You live in your own unique world. You have a set of emotions that you draw upon in response to every external situation you encounter. The catalyst to your emotional response is the external situation. Your response is your internal reaction to it which is expressed in an emotion, that is your feeling. Often that emotional feeling is attached to a physical feeling too.

In every circumstance you encounter, your beliefs affect the way you react.

It’s difficult for us to stay present long enough to remember that our individual belief systems are different to everybody else’s. Our belief systems are sustained by our life’s “baggage” that we bring to each and every event we encounter. Nobody else brings that same baggage to the event, although many will encounter similar events. Each person reacts differently, based upon their belief system, formed from past experience.

Our brains need to be trained to react differently to circumstances. In other words we need them to learn to allow through different information from the subconscious into the conscious mind and/or body. In order to do that we must first become aware of how we truly feel when faced with those situations that set off the currently habitual reactions that we now want to change.

For example, you may become angry when encountering people who believe they know what’s best for you and dictate said procedure with pomposity … and that is understandable but perhaps you want to change that reaction and experience one that is more “loving” instead. So the next time you are in the situation of facing this person, instead of simply becoming angry it will be helpful to pause and consider how you are going to react this time.  In so doing you make a choice. This is your power. You choose not to react in your habitual oft-repeated subconsciously programmed way.

Active observation

You step back and you observe:

  • What is going on here? What SYMBOLICALLY is being shown to me in this event that pushes my buttons to experience anger?
  • Does it immediately relate as a metaphor to something you are trying to resolve or come to terms with in your life or indeed it is similar to other symbols that you can see around you now?
  • So what is LIFE trying to tell you?
  • If the above doesn’t “cut it”, then think back to when you first remember being in a similar situation: what was going on in that circumstance? What made you angry then and why should that anger continue to build throughout the intervening years? Are there similarities that aren’t immediately obvious between then and now that you can learn from?

Its sometimes helpful to see Life and the things that happen to us as being symbolic. All events created through interactions with everything around us, even the seemingly inanimate can be regarded as symbolic. But the nuance of the encounter is not black and white and sometimes not easy to identify, as with everything it takes a little practice. The answer to your question may not be an immediate clear-cut “this” or “that”. To use an analogy, we (mostly) see the world around us in colour. Everybody sees their world around them with slightly different colours, different shades of colour, different hues, even sometimes using slightly different colour labels to other people looking at the same scene.

And so it is with our life’s symbolism as it is presented to us. There are shades of, degrees of, symbolism in each encounter. With some events the symbolism may be obvious and right “in your face”, given to us in a moment in which the Management feels it’s necessary to be blatantly obvious. Maybe the time is precisely right at that point to learn a particular lesson about a particular aspect of living. At other times the symbolism can be subtle, so subtle that you think, “Really, is that it?!”

The point again is that we don’t have to live life like this all the time and indeed we are not trying to completely eradicate those emotions which may be perceived as negative by some (that’s their perspective). We can accept that we are perfect just as we are. We can embrace all our aspects of character and personality but if we want to change, if we want to explore aspects of ourselves that we feel we have ingrained in us or we simply feel something isn’t right or isn’t suited to us anymore then we can decide to change. The way to make that change is to actively OBSERVE what comes to us in our lives.

Human beings are basically emotional processors.

We expend huge amounts of energy processing emotions all day long. By processing I mean we simply emanate emotion that starts within us and usually finds an expression outside of us. We may express how we feel by talking about it or through a demonstration of how we feel through our actions.

We have evolved so that our individual subjective inner worlds are moved around to different places in order to experience a huge variety of process-able input. We have even been provided with our own individual bio-containment baggy flesh-suits expressly for the purpose of exploring emotions in different places at different times.  That is to say, “life” is about different emotional experiences at different emotional levels.

So let’s all enjoy our years of processing and create new scenarios to explore together and maybe we can work on creating jolly nice ones for us all …one world at a time. Your innate link to harmony and peace is through your power to enjoy your unique world.

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