Making a house feel more like a home is for many of my clients a side-effect of the work we do together. That sounds a bit trite and almost arrogant to me reading that back, but once we start to help the person feel more themselves and more in line with their individual worlds then the home sanctuary becomes a part of all that is right in the world rather than a part of the problem. It really does become a place to relax a place to feel free to express themselves and for all in the household (including teenagers) to communicate, instead of row or perhaps worse, implode.

No matter what the presenting issue, when I work with clients for “healing” I usually ask The Management upstairs to clear and re-balance the energy of the space in which they live or work to help them on a subtle level engage with a new energy in their lives. It works both ways. As the client becomes aware of the new energy around them and recognises that the world they experience on a day to day basis has changed slightly they are encouraged and that’s when the mindfulness of active observation comes into its own for them and that in turn really ramps up the healing a notch or two for everybody.

Making a house feel like a home is not rocket science. Far from it, in fact it’s probably one of the least scientific things we can do in our lives. It’s all about emotion, feeling and our intent. Those logical thinkers amongst the readership will be now starting to roll their eyes skyward. But everybody can influence the way their house or home feels for visitors and we all do it unconsciously every single day. If we are a part of a family that is tense and argues a lot then it is palpable when somebody enters the space. If on the other hand the family are relaxed and easy going despite what life throws at them then that too is reflected in the house or home.

It’s all about intention and as most of you will know the healing work I do, for which I use the term geomancy, is built around positive intention and communication with The Management to achieve change. I recently made a short video that explains this a little more and also explains why I have been absent from writing these blogs since March! You can watch it here:

You’ll also find out how to improve the positive feelings in your home as you go about the decorating.

My wife and I have now been here in this cottage of ours for around 2 and a half years, but all that is about to change! One day towards the end of March Myrddin said to me as I sat in meditation the simple words, “Time to move house.” I could of course have chosen not to act on his words, but it seemed a sensible thing to do. He had said earlier in the year that he and I would be changing the way we work together and indeed that has happened. He has retreated even further back in my daily awareness but I still feel as though I walk each day with a connection to the majesty of the universe and part of that is the knowledge that my guardian angels are right there for me ready to respond if I should ask for their help. The fact is that when I do workshops and sometimes when working 1 to 1 with clients Myrddin or one of the others in “my team” make their presence felt.



Improving Your Intuitive Connection

Workshop 2

1st & 2nd October, 2016
Harefield Hall, Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire

This workshop is a chance improve your intuitive connection to “all that is” through mix of classroom focus and ‘in the field’ experience. This is my advanced “Intuition” workshop for those already familiar with many aspects of their inner worlds and who have perhaps already tried clairvoyant mediumship, meditation and dowsing.

We will cover using mediation and discussion:

Life as a symbol

Know Thy Self – understanding your inner world

Information flow from those around you, including clairvoyant mediumship

Conversations with guardian energies

Trance mediumship for those who want to try

Please click on any of the blue text above for more details