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The house healing process that I work with is based upon the protocol introduced to me by Adrian Incledon-Webber. As soon as I heard about the method it made perfect sense as it follows so much of the teaching I had previously learnt from my mentor Hamish Miller and from others.

I like to refer to house healing as being like reality engineering as it effects a very deep subtle but significant change in a person’s life if they are ready to receive the “healing”.

I now offer mentoring based upon 1to1 sessions using video calls. 1to1 sessions enable me to tailor the process specifically for each individual and allows full immersion and involvement from the management in the process for the development of the individual’s own style of house healing working from the template process.

Ask me today for more information or to book a free 30mins chat to discuss further.

Intensive Self Development


Three days of one to one training in shifting your perspective on life to develop your intuition and guidance from The Management. These intensive but fun days are tailor-made for each individual but are likely to include an introduction to the techniques of Geomancy, dowsing, meditation, mindfulness, creative awareness and active observation techniques. The am will be to assist you in being able to assess your life symbolically and therefore read the information coming to you from your “whole self”.

Please note accommodation is not included:

Create a whole new world

“I am so blessed to have found Tim as a mentor, he has exceeded my expectations in every way! I have 25 years experience as a professional meditation instructor, life coach and energy worker, so I am not new to the world of alternative therapies or the non-physical world”


“Through Tim’s work on our house we as a family have found calmness and peace that we had not been able to experience for years.”


Frequently Asked Questions

House healing is gaining popularity as more people discover this ancient process.
Here are some common questions to dispel some of its mystery

What can I expect to change?

I often refer to house healing as “reality engineering”. We are not just focusing on the house or place of work we directly look at the subtle energy of the people involved (and pets too) and work to adjust the subtle energy in which people live. The primary results are usually a better standard of sleep, less unease or anxiety at home or at work, less “brain-fug” from electric items (EMF) and a general improvement in outlook and “joie de vivre”.

How do I know you might be able to help me?

House healing works to alleviate a collection of natural and man-made subtle influences that are usually referred to as geopathic stress. Please get in touch using the contact form on this website and if necessary we can arrange a short conversation to discuss your issue.

What do you do?

Initially I will use the floorplan you have provided to look for detrimental influences that might be causing your issues. I will write up what I find in a report and mark on the floorplan energy flows. I will then re-balance the detrimental energy to be positive and life-affirming and if you have requested a full report and re-balancing we will have a 1to1 video call to discuss the findings and the changes that have occurred. I will then do a second round of energy re-balancing work as a result of that conversation.

At all times you are in charge of how much work I do. This is based not only upon your direct instruction but also on how much feedback you give me about what changes occur in your life as we do the healing work. This part of the process can sometimes be integral to the overall effectiveness of the work.

I offer a mini-report which highlights several of the most commonly found issues that affect a house. The mini report and energy re-balancing is a low cost way of sampling my work and to see if it suits you. In many instances this initial work will be sufficient for change to take effect. (Please see client’s feedback). A mini report will take me approximately 3- 4 hours work. A full report which is a far more comprehensive process can take around 15 hours including the energy re-balancing work.

Why do you need a floorplan to work from?

The floorplan acts as a device for me as the dowser to connect to and find information for you. This is process of observation and connection to the subtle realms. I work from home and connect to a house or place of work anywhere in the world.

Does house healing always work?

No. However, in the majority of cases some form of shift does occur. If you are not happy with the work I have done for you please ask about having your money refunded. As with all subtle energy based work such as homeopathy, reiki or distant healing we cannot offer guarantees as to the outcome. I recommend that if you feel unwell you should also consult your usual medical practitioner or GP in the first instance. And while all my work is done in the utmost good faith and I am insured for dowsing and other therapy work I am not a licenced medical practitioner.

Isn’t all this just the placebo effect?

Like a lot of healing there needs to be the real desire for improvement and change. House healing isn’t just the placebo effect but it may have something to do with it. What we are working with are subtle energies that mainstream medicine doesn’t acknowledge. Think of house heling and geomancy a bit like extremely powerful Reiki for the house and the people living in the space.

How long does it all take?

House healing is a process not a single one off switch. I will usually spend several days collecting the date from the floorplan and putting the report together. Then the real works starts as every house demands several energy re-balancing sessions SO over all I will usually be working with a client over several months. The feedback from the client is a vital part of the process so we need everybody to be mindful of what’s happening in the house or place of work in order to monitor whether change is taking place and the nature of that change. s like with homeopathy and other types of energy therapy work sometimes things get worse before they better. Usually any detrimental changes will only last a short time before things improve.

Why do you add in life enhancement sessions on the end of some healings?

Part of the healing is helping those in troubled houses shift their perspective on what they have been facing. Sometimes the healing is about enabling the person to see their lives in a much wider perspective and that can take a few sessions of coaching to establish the new perspective. Changing your life is never going to be done ‘overnight’.

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