Our secrets can contain our salvation …

As in so many areas of scientific research in recent years, in-depth studies into the nature of individual personality have overturned long standing beliefs held by many schools of psychology stretching right back to William James in the 1880s. Back then James asserted that the essence that we call the “self” is set like plaster by the age of 30.

The adoption of that broad statement eventually filtered into the common consciousness in fallacies that put pressure on us all to perform and succeed while still in our twenties. The jeopardy of missing that decade lay in the belief that once we passed those magical twenty-something days we wouldn’t be able to adapt and find new skills with which to make the same advances.

It’s nonsense of course. Today’s research indicates that we continue to develop throughout our lives and that our personalities are not solely determined by our genes. The nurture/nature argument will of course continue, but the fact is we can all change into somebody else if we want to, at any time in our lives. It really is never too late.

Our understanding of “self” is partly driven by our life-script. That is to say, the attitude or point of view from which we observe and perceive all actions that occur to us and with which we present our bias of opinion. That life-script is a subconscious driver, often containing at its core our fears and hidden beliefs that we would never wish to share with another human being. In many cases that would be difficult anyway as it turns out that often our own conscious mind isn’t even aware of our life-script.

The life script contains within it embedded energy of childhood traumas and the catastrophes of our youth. Common life script stances reflect emotions like guilt, shame or any of the myriad other negative emotions that we so long to be rid of as adults due to their power to tug at us daily. These are emotions that can take some of us skating perilously close to depression or even to a precipitous edge where we may peer into a deep velvety darkness in which lurks the horrors of psychosis.

Often the subconscious essence of the Self holds other secrets too. Surprisingly sometimes its these very secrets that can give us our conscious thoughts freedom. They can be our salvation.

Locked away in the subconscious are our true beliefs. Here are the secrets that reveal precisely how our life script converses with the eager ears of the non-judgemental universal ‘earth energy’ in which we are all immersed all the time and whose sole function is to absorb our desires expressed through emotions or what we can only describe as our “vibration”. The Earth energy in turn interprets these desires into the reality we experience all around us … this is Esther Hicks and Abraham’s Law of Attraction in action.

Unfortunately, it seems to be a flawed system. Earth energy listens indiscriminately to all beings, all the time, to whatever truth we are sending out …including our life-script.  So it is that our secrets formed over time from (usually childhood) trauma are a part of what is driving the encounters we have at our everyday conscious level.

As humans it is our creative functionality as co-creators in this reality that makes us the current reigning species on earth. Shame then that most of the 7 billion souls are feeding this reality from their subconscious secret beliefs stemming from thoughts of being unworthy, of being difficult, of being stupid and worst of all, of being unloveable.

These are the signals we send out to the universe through the earth energy of our homes and everywhere we go. Unless that is, we choose to take action and counteract the leaking subconscious signals to the earth with intentional focused sessions of co-creation. Given the right sacred space and the right ceremony then these intentional manifesting sessions can “rub-out” the minds subconscious messages and we can indeed then start to manifest the lives we want to lead, rather than those we had hitherto deep down thought we deserved.

The other way to beat our subconscious messages is to identify them and consciously deal with them. This is what we call healing! We can ask The Management to be shown these secrets for ourselves. But be warned this is not an easy path. Life can erupt into chaos, but They will answer your request and show you what ‘lurks beneath’. We will see with clarity our true underlying life based motivation sitting hidden in our hearts entwined in the traumas and surrounded by the baggage of our young days. But no matter how painful this experience may be once we can see this we are able to take conscious action to make changes and enable the healing to take place.

Life is difficult and seems to be getting more difficult with every heart-beat but we are blessed to be on this human journey in this time and place. As we approach personal breakthroughs that illuminate our true selves the ride can get rough, but the reward of the break-through is worth it.

On the other side of each break-through we will find more freedom to breathe deeply and truly find ourselves. It’s a wonderful gift, like an unexpected sudden downpour from a clear blue sky, it cleanses and nourishes. The act of revelation itself may sometimes be a slow train coming, but the results are heavenly.

As I write this, April showers finally arrive here in the Yorkshire Dales, drenching the stunted meadows. Summer is on its way.

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I found your ‘Improving Your Intuition’ weekend extremely interesting, especially with what I experienced when holding your drawing board, I have certainly not experienced anything like it before. I felt slightly detached or outside myself when making and feeling the observations but the feelings and symptoms were very real, and it felt quite natural and I was not worried about it. …thank you very much for your teaching!” John

Just wanted to say thank you for a really interesting and progressive weekend for me. Meeting like-minded people really helps with my way forward and I feel it has made a difference. Having confirmations as we do these things always helps build confidence in this etheric world and provides a form of evidence which always really helps. The hospitality and food was also lovely!” Paul