I am really pleased to be able to say that my first ever book is now available and I’m pleased with how it has turned out.

In the book Adrian and I have attempted to put across how we see the world and what we encounter or have experienced in the past when healing houses and working with clients.

There is of course no definitive right or wrong way to see the world but what we hope to have achieved in these pages is how by adopting a different perspective on life we can hook onto different ways to pull ourselves through the inevitable tough times. This applies as much to the human population as a whole as it does to each individual.

It is called a handbook because we believe there is information in here that we can all take on board and file away for when we want to experiment with creating our own lives or when we approach a sacred site for what we hope will be an enlightening experience. It is an overview of many different facets of reality, touching upon angels, archangels, elementals, the power to create one’s own life and work with the Management in everyday ways, a little science, brainwave patterns (with a lovely contribution from Paul Gerry, advanced clinical physiologist at the Royal Devon & Exeter hospital) sacred sites, higher self, spirit guides and more. (Blimey!)

For my part I’ve spent time working on this to help pull the threads of a very varied subtle realm experience together. Many of you who have attended our ‘Spiritual Earth’ courses in the past have said how two days of immersion in often very wide ranging topics within the subtle realms has helped join the dots of your own knowledge and help fill in the gaps.

“Spirit & Earth” can be obtained from amazon in the UK here

and in the USA here