Spirit lines can be at best something of an annoyance and at worst a detrimental drain on one’s energy if they run through a house because they can be used as something of a superhighway for spirits. I first experienced one when working in the garden at our house in Gloucestershire where we had met the guardian personality of the site, the deceased lady known simply as Jane.

I was cutting the grass one day, an activity that I quite enjoyed as it was a chance to retreat into my own thoughts and be with the trees in the lower section of our fairly wild garden. As I walked head down across the grass I suddenly noticed in the corner of my eye the dark shape of a person floating very fast across the grass. It looked from the briefest of glimpses that it was a woman. She was dressed in a long robe. It sounds corny, but she was floating silently directly across the garden in the full daylight and she was travelling very fast indeed. She was moving much faster than a person’s rapid walking pace but showed no effort in her movement ….spooky!

Dark shapes on spirit lines

People tend to get a bit freaked out when they see these dark shaped figures and they assume that if they are dark then they must be “bad”. I think the darkness is more to be to do with them being in a different dimension to us where the light reflects off them differently. A lack of light in this case doesn’t automatically mean “sinister” or in geomancy terms, detrimental.

Ghosts and spirit lines

Spirit lines can be detrimental if they impinge upon our dimensions of existence. My good friend Adrian writes in his “Heal Your Home” book about a family that had a such a line passing through their house and a particular door that was constantly being opened by a passing spirit as they used the line. Theirs was problem with one particular ghost, a soul who went through the same process each night at the same time and didn’t like the physical door being shut. This is a type of trapped energy that needs to be released. If one is suitably experienced and prepared such ghosts can usually be talked with and reasoned with and in this way the energy dispersed.

Witnessing such a sight as Jane hurtling across our garden along the spirit line indicates to me that there is so much more in our universe than most care to admit or believe. We live in a world of fear and our greatest fear is usually what will happen to us when we die. By experiencing moments like this I feel assured that there is certainly an existence that remains for us after our physical body has deteriorated. It is that aspect that dies for sure but not our complete selves.

I asked Jane whether it was her that I saw and she confirmed it was.  She tried to explain how many of these earth energy and spirit lines are used by the departed as routes for travelling. This ties in with the German idea of what they have called “ley lines” as being spirit paths. Part of Jane’s “task” while resident in our house was to assist souls using spirit lines to navigate as they switched from one to the next. She was almost like a traffic cop indicating which way they should go! She and I both recognized this was not a great analogy, but it served to sow the seed in my mind that the departed really are just a fraction of a synchronous wavelength away from the living all the time. They really are that close. I find that thought comforting and very helpful indeed.

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