Self healing isn’t always found in the ways that we think it might be. In May of this year Adrian Incledon-Webber and I ran part 1 of a workshop building upon some of the practical applications for working with ‘the management’ (spirit) that we had laid out in our jointly authored book, “Spirit & Earth – a handbook for modern holistic living”.

Over the weekend of 8 & 9 September we will be running a second part of this course dealing with the sanctity and healing of self (and others).

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(You do not need to have attended part I to benefit from part II)

This workshop is specifically designed to combine the energies of our ancestors, sacred symbols and the Higher Realms to bring spiritual changes into your life. This is a special weekend looking at how we can use the energies of Sacred Symbols, mother earth and spirit to bring healing to ourselves and others.

On this weekend we will cover:

  • The Sanctity of Self: human beings as sacred space
  • Sacred symbols and how to use them in our daily lives
  • Healing sessions using the energy of the Planet, Spirit and a combination of energies
  • What are Elementals: how do we work with them?
  • How to construct and then meditate within two Sacred Sites
  • Visits to spiritual sites locally

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September 2018

Bishops Cannings Village Hall, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2LA

Joint Tutors: Tim Walter and Adrian Incledon-Webber

It’s very easy to feel ‘the management’ are something separate from us as we wander through our daily frustrations and challenges but it’s worth remembering that every moment we experience, even those that are the most fraught in our lives are co-created hand in hand with the management as they are a part of us… or rather, we are a part of them.

There is no moment that passes in which the management are not poised to assist us in working through our troubles or our pains. We only have to ask. And of course we also have to recognise that just because we have asked for help from the spiritual realms does not mean that life is subsequently going to be easy.

Often the act of asking serves to link us into those aspects of learning and healing that we have agreed to before we became incarnate in this dimension. In order to successfully learn from these experiences they are often the toughest of all we encounter at a human level. Sometimes it is our first steps along a spiritual path that are the hardest we will tread in our ‘three score years and ten’.

But if we can have faith and trust that what is happening to us is of design and is for the purpose of growth and if we can use the experience of living in the moment to uncover what it is that is being shown to us then we will be able to step forward with some underlying confidence that things will soon change for the better once again. Harmony will indeed be restored.

Death is of course the hardest thing for us as human beings to accept. It seems almost impossible for us to consider it as a natural part of existence. The management don’t view death in the same way that we do but that creates a concept that can sometimes seem incomprehensible.

The complete non-existence of death is not an easy concept to adopt into one’s life. But adopt it we must if we are to consider our human-form lives truly as a learning environment. If we can change our view of death then we can change our view of life itself. And as my mentor Hamish Miller said after his NDE, “Once you are no longer afraid of death there isn’t much else to be afraid of.”

Life can be considered as a sequence of interrelated sets of energy fields perceived by a conscious awareness that is either encased in a physical shell (human) or observed from a non-physical self (soul). Through the latter we can step outside our human restricted thoughts and consider that for the management there is no such thing as time. For soul energy, conscious awareness seems to be a passing parade of possible interrelated energy fields that can go on forever. Herein is just one a potential for healing.

Adrian and I are running our second workshop based upon our book, “Spirit & Earth”, to be held at Bishops Canning in Wiltshire, just a stones throw from sacred sites that serve to focus attention on our inner universe and spiritual selves.

During this weekend we will be working with sacred space in a practical way to provide not only healing for those present on the workshop but also to help enhance innate healing abilities for use on loved ones or clients once the workshop is over.

We have found in the past that these two day courses help the knowledgeable to ‘join the dots’ in their wisdom, help the less confident gain more suriety and skill in their healing abilities and introduce those that are new to working with subtle energies to the power that sits just one step away from humanity all the time and which we can all harness, if we are but willing to ask.

Over the weekend of 8 & 9 September we will be running a second part of this course dealing with the sanctity and healing of self (and others).

Please see my website – click here

for booking information or contact me using the form on my website.

Please do consider joining us. This is what past attendees have said:

“I would like to thank you both for a truly remarkable course….as ever, what a lot you packed in…The whole weekend has given us lots to think about… The people who attended were lovely and both of you have such a down to earth approach to teaching, with a good mix of humour as well as serious and quiet times.”


“Just to say a big thumbs up and thank you. I really enjoyed the weekend and learnt a great deal.”