Believing is seeing. My brother bought me a card with that well-known phrase on it some years back and it sat in my office for years. These days it’s more appropriate than ever. I have long since lost the card, but it’s a powerful statement to bear in mind when faced with change.

Beliefs are of course important in one’s general outlook on life and these days most of the media-peddled trouble we feel is present as a society in the throws of major change is down to what our beliefs are, whether collective or personal, but it is the personal self awareness of mindful active observation of the small things in one’s life that I want to highlight.

I spend a lot of time talking to my life coaching/mentored clients about the power of their individual beliefs to influence how they expect life to behave for them. In other words, what do they expect to experience on a day to day basis and what does life actually deliver if they really watch what goes on around them?

It’s an exercise that can take a little while to sink in, but when it does its amazingly powerful to help them on their path to balance and wellness.

When we look around us every moment of every day our brains are making subconscious assumptions and feeding those assumptions into our conscious awareness. It’s a process we’re not aware of. The brain does a fantastic job of sorting out what to allow through its filters, in a way its somewhat similar to the way Google (or facebook) filters what it shows us in its search engine results based upon our general browsing habits. Google and the brain make assumptions about what we want to see, one uses logical algorithms based upon past experience and behaviour and the other bases its output upon its experience to date that has resulted in its successful survival.

In the case of the brain it probably reckons every decision in which it stays ‘alive’ moments after it made specific subconscious information available to the conscious network of the living body around it must have been a good decision!  And so it will continue to make the same decisions and choices in similar circumstances as it’s learned survival mechanism… which manifests in us as a habitual response.

Often these learned choices that the brain makes are based upon reactions and responses we have outgrown. Most often we have outgrown them because we no longer live our lives in the ways we did when we were under the age of 6 years old! That is when most of the brain’s programming on emotions took place.

(At this point in this blog our brains should be very embarrassed and apologise).

The development of Epigenetics and Quantum Biology both continue to indicate that the world around us is a very delicately balanced fabric of subtle influences and possibilities with numerous potential outcomes based primarily upon our presence in a particular space at a particular time.

It is up to us to help re-programme our brains to feed our conscious minds the positive information we want to use to thrive on rather than the habitual often detrimental stuff we experience that only enables us to survive. Sometimes that takes a little practice, patience and will-power.

Sometimes the signs that things are changing for the better in our lives are very subtle. Sometimes as subtle as the hooded figure in the wispy clouds seen above the roof of our next house in the picture at the top of this page. That’s subtle! Sometimes I find it hard to see it myself, but it’s there nonetheless if I care to spend the moments looking again for it. When I first noticed it I took it as an auspicious sign, rather like a shamanistic “day-sign” or those who find good luck coins seemingly everywhere they go! It is of course exactly what my brain thinks I want to see and I have to say that to witness such coincidental “signs” are of great benefit to maintaining a positive outlook on life. I perceive them as indicators that I am in step with the flow of the universe and all is well, or will be well, in my world. But that is also a matter of conscious choice. Consciously deciding what we want to believe in what we experience in the world around us.

We create around us what we want to create around us through what we associate with. Our brains feed us what we are subconsciously looking for. Don’t be fooled by the media machine that feeds us through google and numerous outlets. Your reality is your own personal space: that’s your workshop and your domain and yours to do with as you see fit and as your beliefs allow.

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