I feel I should perhaps apologise for the corny heading above, but this is indeed a round robin mailing and the rather round Robin in the picture is a regular visitor to our garden, recently snapped on a particularly cold day. He’s a jolly fellow always nearby whenever I go out and sometimes flying so close I can feel the breeze from his feathers on my face. I’ve never known birds to be so bold as they are here, sometimes he’s only inches away when I put out the seed.


It’s the Solstice, from around this point on the days will start to draw out again, despite us probably facing the colder weather in the New Year. What’s next year got in store for us all? I’m not an astrologer but its interesting to keep an eye on what’s going on in the heavens. Apparently, there is a big change on the way as Saturn moves out of the house it has been in for some twenty or so years. All this kafuffle we have been seeing on the global stage may yet settle down a little, or it may be that we all just get more used to living with the farce that seems to parade across our awareness no matter how much we try to avoid it. Focus on yourself look after yourself and enjoy yourself. That’s not to say be selfish, just focus on your own needs for a change and see what happens.

By way of change, I have put a link below for my workshops for next year and also I would love it if you felt willing to put in a pre-order for my jointly authored book that is due to be available in mid February. Called, “Spirit & Earth” it is co-written with Adrian Incledon-Webber. In this book we aim to show how important it is to harness mindful focused intent in ones life and by doing so how easy it is to create a healing environment for yourself, your loved ones and everybody else who you come into contact with. We hope it helps join the dots in your knowledge of the subtle realms and leads to a little personal peace too.

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