May 30/31 Advancing your intuition


This is a follow-on workshop to the first Intuition workshop and as such takes the awareness exercises and other content to a deeper level.



If you want to further understand your whole connection to ‘the management’ upstairs to see how you can truly live everyday life in step with them for guidance, then this is the workshop for you.

You will learn to better comprehend and trust your relationship to your spirit guide. This may mean introducing you to your first spirit guide or it may mean strengthening the relationship and trust that you already have. We will explore clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience working as a group and help each person advance as appropriate and as guided on the day.

Trance mediumship is often considered to be the pinnacle of channelling. If it seems suitable, from both the perspective of spirit and for you, we will give you the opportunity to sit with the special energy of ‘trance’. This will help you experience the particularly close relationship that is possible with a trusted guide when the boundaries of ‘self’ and spirit merge.

You will benefit from this workshop if your connection to the management has taken you into healing, counselling or other therapeutic work or even if you have followed a lone process of self-development and you are simply interested in developing further.

It is Tim’s intention to provide an opportunity to work closely with the personalities of spirit to firmly experience these new aspects of ‘being’. He hopes that you will leave feeling an enhanced close connection to everything around you. Also, perhaps, with a new understanding of your potential for change and a realisation that you can shift into a new, enlivened, perspective on life. This has been the experience of past attendees.

“Thank you so much for an excellent workshop. I got an enormous amount from it
that I know has provoked a sustainable change. The future feels exciting! It was
nurturing to be in that green, peaceful valley with its flowing water and to share
such big stuff with you and the others in a natural, safe and easy way.”