Would you like to be a part of a growing network of professional house healers? I am really thrilled to be able to say that my Knights Rose Network of House Healers now provides learning and support for all its members including advice on running a business as well as guidance, inspiration and practical subtle energy re-balancing assistance throughout its membership.

Over the last year, more than a dozen individuals have been mentored in my approach to house healing. The new course that starts next month will follow the same process. We begin by exploring your existing connection to the management and then develop your subtle-realm experience by working on houses for yourself under my guidance (starting with your own home).

Each person is unique and we celebrate that uniqueness: some are gifted in their connection to spirit and the ‘management upstairs’, while others discover their route to intuitive guidance as they go along. Growth and development of each person is achieved by sharing results and leads to an eclectic mixture of specialists. This is what makes the network powerful as when everybody has enough experience we can all help each other when needed. Most of those currently in the Knights Rose house healing network have added the skill of house healing subtle energy work to their existing healing or therapy modalities. Some have been taking part ‘just out of interest’ and may expand that interest to helping others in the longer term.

I often refer to this house healing work as “reality engineering”.  It’s a process learned from people such as the late Hamish Miller, Adrian Incledon-Webber and personalities existing in the subtle dimensions.  Hamish Miller had a particular influence upon my life (as he did with so many others) and when he passed away in 2010, I was drawn to honour his friendship and was challenged to step into similar shoes in order to work with the subtle energies of place. I just didn’t know how…

It has taken a while to come to fruition, but now I am able to offer this house healer structured training. Over a period of ten months we explore this subtle energy of place though interactive experiential group work. I share what I have learned about humanity’s role as divine beings in the co-creative process and how this enables us to free ourselves to work outside of our limited 3-dimensions in order to bring about change for improved well being for others. In this training we look at some of the science of current theories of consciousness as well as examining ourselves spiritually in a self-developmental process so as to overcome common hurdles.

If you would like to know more, please click here

If you currently value your existing connection to “the management” and feel that you would like to know the process and techniques for working with subtle energies of place to enhance well being for others AND if you are ready to face the changes this may bring for you, then please do get in touch. Either click on the link above for more information or email me for a 30 mins chat about what’s involved in this professional house healer course

We already have students who are progressing on the existing course that started in June and they have a wide range of experience and skills. Some started by being hesitant in their dowsing and others were already running successful feng shui consultancies but wanted to delve deeper into the subtle realms for their clients and themselves. Wherever necessary, we help you develop the skills to listen carefully to your intuitive guidance so that you can recognise the uniqueness of all interactions in your own individual subjective world.

All are welcome, please contact me to set up a free zoom call for a chat about what’s involved in the course.

The course is designed so that at the end of the ten months you will be capable of setting up an online business to embark upon your adventure hand in hand with ‘the management’ upstairs as a remote house healer. At the end of the ten months each student can choose whether or not to join the Knights Rose network of House Healers for ongoing learning and support. Above all we are finding the network helps everybody with their new-found knowledge to venture out into the world of well being with more confidence.

I am now taking bookings for the next training which is due to start for 10 monthly sessions from November 2020. There are currently just four places available. Contact me today to find out more.