It’s been a long time since I sent an email to you all. If you have forgotten who I am or why you signed up to receive my newsletter in the first place please do take a look at this link which will take you to my YouTube channel

This is probably where you found me originally. Hopefully, you will feel the content is still relevant for you in these rapidly changing and possibly somewhat challenging times.

I say “possibly challenging” as not everyone is being affected by the mind-washing media’s “cost of living crisis”. Certainly, most of us seem to be living with an interesting inflation figure and there is much unrest in the home and global socio-economic picture, but let’s balance that with our ability to remain detached and connected to our true selves. Our true self is the part of us that can ride whatever storm seems to be manifest in the external environment because it knows, in the famous words of Louise Hay, “this too will pass” and it also knows the truth of the ever-lasting is within, not in the illusory external transient world.

Connecting to the god-essence within, the real you, the fundamental part of you that is the spirit being human, that is the co-creator inside, is worthwhile and a salvation for many.

The problem then occurs when ego takes hold and suggests that “my god” is better than yours. When I finally leave this mortal coil, I will be having a word with the management about some of their integrated design flaws that exist in such concepts and tend to ruin this otherwise rather beautiful way of existing.

Please enjoy the videos that are on my YouTube channel and connect with me as we have a lot to share. Recently I interviewed Dr Jude Currivan a favourite author of mine and a lady who I have a lot of time for, having first met her and started work on a joint project that wasn’t to bear fruit over ten years ago. Fortunately, the chasm of time that fell between us, was but a moment and in this latest interview Jude shares the beauty of unity consciousness. Within unity we find uniqueness: differences to be celebrated. And within the idea of unity, we also find the creative field of consciousness that we all share and literally means we are all constantly emerging from the same sub-quantum source. Unity consciousness enables us to realise that we are truly “all one”. We are expressions of the universe and we are made of the same consciousness that everything we experience is too. It’s a mind-blowing thought if we can grasp it well enough. But the beauty of unity consciousness is that it is simple to live by. As Jude points out, a golden rule being that in all things we simply ask, “What would love do?”

I found talking with Jude inspiring. I hope you find the interview inspires you to a more abundant and fulfilling positive outlook on life too. Do let me know on the channel.

Another reason for writing is to ask if you would like to contribute to supporting the work we do on the channel and unseen when running the KnightsRose House Healing Network. I have been training house healers for several years now, and now that we are have just started our sixth group, I find that we improve the content and approach of the course with each group. Group 6 are a positively lovely bunch of people. I feel encouraged that everybody I work with these days are such lovely expressions of the divine in human form. This is the essence of the spiritual connection to the seeming external world. As we change our inner universe, the world around us changes. The change starts with the people we resonate with. Hence by changing ourselves we change the world.

If you would like to take part in our private YouTube supporters’ community (Joining the channel is different to subscribing) then it is currently just £4.99 per month. As a supporter you will be helping with the cost of technical equipment, software upgrades, hosting the websites and my time spent in administering and answering questions. It all helps as we share this growth of profound value with the world to help it continue to wake up to the ‘reality of reality’!

In testing times, remember you are in control of what affects you in your world. Whether that is “woo” or “practical”, is up to you as the ONLY thing we can ever control or be in control of, is the way we react to our circumstances. So many blessings to you until the next mailing, the next YouTube video or the next time we meet face to face. In the meantime, as a part of unity consciousness don’t forget that you are a part of everything that you experience in your life: you are the people you meet and you are things that you hold dear. Focus on the highest vibration you can muster without really trying as you let your heart lead and guide you through this life.

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